While working on Mission: Impossible - Fallout, British actor Simon Pegg completed a personal mission of his own: sculpted stomach muscles

Amazingly, there isn't just one film out about male synchronised swimming this year; there are two, a fact that, once discovered, filled me with absolute dread.

I first encountered Bruch's G Minor Concerto when I was 13. I loved it then, and more than half a century on, I still do. It's a piece I never tire of; familiarity merely breeds an even deeper affection.

Everything here is big: prices; three floors and 174 covers; the main room a place where A Midsummer Night's Dream meets Uday Hussein's bathroom

Keeping Faith, a hyper-real emotional drama by Matthew Hall about a Welsh barrister whose husband goes missing, looks set to take Broadchurch's crown

Like nature and dictatorships, rock 'n' roll abhors a vacuum. Though punchy pretenders such as Kasabian have tried to plug the space left by Oasis, there remains a gap in the market.

Aidan Turner is so well known as Poldark, it's good to see him in a role a million miles from the Cornish hero. Here he plays a psychopathic Irish Republican cat-lover in this jet-black farce.

Fruity reds are great for warmer weather, forgiving when it comes to glugging with food and good value too. But some of them can be so sweet you can hear your dentist weeping from 16 miles away

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If the Trump Family was a work of fiction, any decent editor would immediately post it back to their creator, saying that they were all much too shallow, and in urgent need of depth

At first glance they look remarkably like helpings of mincemeat. It turns out, though, that the two photos that open this exhibition are actually of a fleshy, female breast after a mastectomy.